Jan 31 / Victoria Grimshaw

Why I Teach Xero's New Invoicing Feature

When you create a new invoice in Xero, it defaults to the Classic Invoice screen, which established Xero Users will be the most familiar with. However, there is a new invoice screen, known as New Invoicing, which Xero has been developing over the past two years as a replacement to the current Classic invoice screen.

The New Invoicing Feature aims to fix some of the systemic problems with Classic Invoicing, such as being able to add a new Contact’s details on the fly, instead of having to edit them in the Contacts screen after the invoice is created (which is a complete pain!).

Anecdotal evidence suggests most Xero users are still using Classic invoicing, probably because they are most familiar with it and we adults tend to find change hard. So why do I choose to only teach Classic Invoicing in the Free Xero Basics Course?

Well, at some point Classic Invoicing will be phased out and New Invoicing will become the default so I only teach New Invoicing in the paid 101 and 201 Courses. Plus, if you’re totally new to Xero, you won’t have the same attachment to Classic Invoicing as established users do. So I think it’s best to get you using the new version.

And you’ll reap all the benefits of the new features Xero are constantly adding to it, which they won’t add to Classic invoicing.

So if you’re reading this and are still using Classic Invoicing, consider making the switch. And to make the switch easier, you can do the 101 or 201 courses. Click below for more info on the courses.