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 How to use Xero
 How to do your accounts

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"Vicki at Hit the Books is awesome. She provides fast, friendly and professional assistance and has made learning to use Xero stress free. Highly recommend Vicki and her services"
Save Yourself Time and accounting costs

Time is Money

Avoid the steep learning curve of trying to figure things out for yourself and the often costly mistakes that occur as a result. Doing things in Xero correctly is crucial to avoiding the cost of your accountant having to fix your mistakes. 
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Over 100 Students and Counting!

From complete beginners to business owners who've been using Xero for years, we have helped up skill and problem solve for over a hundred  various entities.
It isn't just about Xero

Learn How to do your accounts

Other course providers and Xero themselves only teach how to use the software, but this is only solving 50% of your problem. Learning how to code your transactions correctly is crucial in avoiding making costly mistakes with your GST and year end tax returns
Learning material you can access at any time

Study when you want

Most course providers put a time limit on course completion, but we understand that life can sometimes get in the way and therefore don't set time limits for courses. You can start and finish when you want and will have access to the material to refer back to. 
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